The only palace we didn’t visit in my north travel was the emir’s palace in Kano, as we entered Kano, I had this feeling that the state won’t be that accomodating like the rest we traveled and stayed..

I wasn’t wrong, the only area we had freedom was SabonGeri, the moment you leave the area for other parts of Kano you see the Sharia Police in green and green uniform with a green or brown berets.

They are officers to enforce Sharia law in the northern states. . But there in Kano, you see different kind of drugs bottles and tablets scattered all over the city, the palace parades gays and lesbians..

Is that not hypocrisy? I interviewed a local who told me not to mention her name if I am ever going to write about Kano, she told me the former Emir’s cousin is gay and they allow them come to the palace for asylum.

And then anal sex is a norm especially for big senators who renews their black magic and power. Is it that the Sharia and the Islamic community are turning their eyes and attention away cos it’s the palace?

And they go right to the streets to arrest women who refuse to cover their head, men who drinks alcohol and so on. The anti Gay law for now looks like a written bill that cannot be enforced cos I feel the country is not ready yet.

The way the community is growing is so alarming, our best friends, girlfriends, the brilliant, writers even soldiers are now following the trend to sound cool and make the infamous line “live and let live”.

They now get asylum to other countries by faking their kidnapping and arrests.

By writing Queer articles to form intellects. Or by saying they are Bi and can do either man or woman.

At Ake festival, boys paraded boys, the advocates rolled with them and even a close person to me chose to go dance in the middle of gay boys and shake her ass for them while I stood and watched another Sodom and Gomorrah right before my eyes.

I am homophobic and will forever be. You don’t need to like me cos i don’t like you too.

Being an LGBT person is your choice, you are sick and should be checked.. Thank You..



We traveled to Zamfara State from Sokoto, we intended to spend a night there.

We got to Gusau park, and headed for the Emir’s palace like we’ve done in the other states we visited.

The palace is always the first place in mind to go, we had serious language barrier from the park itself and the scorching sun didn’t help matters at all.

Our moral was low, we proceeded on bike and they took us to an event, they didn’t understand all the explanation we made of our destination.

We met a civil defence officer there who now directed us to the palace, we met some men who attended to us well and allowed us take pictures.

I was not feeling too well so I just kept my camera and sat somewhere, before we knew it, one man came and started challenging us, we tried to explain to him but he wasn’t having it, he asked us to go to the local government or federal government and bring a letter before we can take pictures or document the palace.

We left almost immediately back to Gusau central park and left for Katsina.

We spent just an hour or less in Zamfara..

And the only pictures I have is of this kids selling FuraDiNunu on the roadside..


Yes we had a lady with us during our travels to 6 Northern States, she joined us three days to the end of our travels..

Meet Amblessed Oluebube, a young female street photographer.

As we were doing “pepper dem gang” with our photos on Facebook, she couldn’t take it anymore and because she had the interests to travel with us before, she had to travel from Enugu to Katsina to meet us..

Even though as at that time, we weren’t Facebook friends anymore, I was worried about her, the night journey she took and the wait we had to wait for several hours for her in Daura and Katsina town.

Me and Keke had to leave the rest of the guys at the Katsina park to Kano and we left for Kano without them cos the waiting was becoming unbearable…

We finally met at Kano and I had the chance to go on a photo walk with her, the last photo walk of our North tour in Kano..

I saw her drive, passion and interest, I see her attaining greater heights in photography very soon.

Just remember the name, I once talked about her..


It use to be people going to the studio to take pictures, I mean they go themselves and tell the photographer, please I want a birthday photo.

Life use to be very fun but photography was limited into decorated corners of a room and the output is always a hard copy photos that will eventually get spoiled in the nearest future..

That was a whole lot of stress, from the old film camera to negative and to printing..

This days we have digital cameras, and we also have the streets.

The streets is usually not friendly, I will personally not smile at anyone who points a camera at me in public but that is my job now and what I do.

I love when my object smiles at me on the street, I love the innocence, I love the fact that they know they won’t ever get to see the hardcopy of the photos..

The experience is fun, the adventure and travels lasts for a life time.

There is always a story in every picture you take..

So please when you meet a street photographer today, smile for the camera…


Sometimes when some stories go viral, you feel maybe they are just myth and they won’t happen again.

One chance is a popular slang at almost every motor park in Nigeria. I mean the slang started from there and it entered the streets and when you hear anyone talk about “one chance”, all you think of is either kidnapping or robbery.
The stories of one chance I heard are of taxis and it happened to me some few years back.adventures of kola onifoto
This is what they do..
You might get to be the last person to complete the persons traveling and as you drive a little distance, this event will happen..
1. The driver will go to his boot, open it and shout, he will claim he just saw a full bag of money in the boot.
He will come back in the car and start threatening the bag owner to confess where he got the money from or he will take him to the station..
2. One person in the taxi will claim the bag and start begging the driver.
3. The driver will call your attention to it with other passengers in the taxi who are also part of the gang..
4. They will come to a conclusion of sharing the money..
5. They will seek for your own opinion.
6. The driver will suggest he has a money changer but you guys need to contribute a token so as to be able to take it there..
7. They will even open the top of the bag for you to confirm there is pounds in it..
If you get brain washed by all of this things, they will collect all you have and dump you somewhere or even kill you..
The money in the bag are fakes, just the top of it are the real currency, the others are cardboards and cartons..
So what do you do when you start to hear this conversation?
1. You can start to pretend you are sick and tell them you will alight at a popular bus stop or a public place..
2. Do not join in the conversation..
3. Scream if you can if they are not ready to stop you.
One chance is real and it’s all the same routine all over again..


I remember every details of all the relationships I’ve been into since I started dating.

I’ve been a bad guy in the past sha, dated two cousins, dated two friends and it all came crashing down.

Wait first!!! Don’t look at me anyhow, you might have done worse o and it was even love I followed and I didn’t date them the same time..

It was different periods.

See how far I’ve come, I’ve started having sense 6 years now and still I couldn’t hold on to those beautiful ladies that came my way.

It’s always the same routine, going crazy over her, talk every time then communication drops especially in a long distance relationship and then complains and then you meet another person and then strangers again.

The circle goes like that and once I break up, I always want to shut them out of my life immediately.

I’ve called off a relationship myself only once and I remembered the day I called her to let us call it off, she broke down in tears and explained how “march” have always been a sad month for her in her love life and she always get a break up in March.

Damn!!! I pitied her and I tried to continue but still we crashed at the end and the next thing was to block on Facebook.

I do that shii a lot, I just don’t want them to rob whatever they now do on my face.

But now I’ve realised it’s a bad move.We can still be friends of course.

That communication comes back, everyday chat on WhatsApp and gist about the beautiful moments you guys had together… then you guys now have new lovers and some part of you really wish them well..

Like you are really happy for them and how far they are going in life..

You gist and laugh with them and almost forgot you guys had a failed relationship..

Then how and when did we crash??

What made us crash?


Who is Neec?

He is a butterfly, that is what you will see on his bio on Facebook, he is an award winning photographer.

He can be seen with his dreads which he cherish so much, his camera and his Charming smile.

Neec is not much of a talker and in my 13 days with him in the North, I noticed he doesn’t really socialise..

Neec loves to sleep same way I sleep too like somebody tsetse fly bite..

Neec spends more time in the toilet and if you wanna rush somewhere in the morning, just make sure you go in before him.

Till now I don’t know what Neec does inside the toilet o..

Today is Neec’s birthday sha, I wish his butterfly growth with many colours…